Kiln Dried Timber

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Special standardized structural roofing timber, processed with sophisticated machineries at intense temperatures. the process of kilning involves the dehydration of wet timber into kiln dried timber with less than 12% moisture content and preservation with chemicals. Kiln dried timber is more valuable, stronger and durable.

Timber Grades

(i) S5: This timber grade is SABS approved for construction of Mitek Prefabricated trusses.

(ii) GG: General Grade is a mixture of several grades of timber.

(iii) PAR: Plain All Round timber is plain timber to create a smooth surface idea for furniture or fascia board. Smooth surface can also ensure Mitek plates attach stronger in Prefab Trusses.

(Iv) R/S: Rough Sawn timber it’s unplanned timber with rough surface.


Additional information

klin dried timber

228×38, 152×38, 114×38, 76×38, 38×38


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